G-unit is considered one of the most important achievements of the global logistics company, during 2018

Security guards

G-Yont offers this service which is the most prevalent and requested by clients, it covers a wide range of security needs, including guards for establishments, headquarters, warehouses, festivals, exhibitions conferences and private parties. In order to set the security situation and ensure the smooth flow of the public inside the site over a period of (24) hours or as the customer needs. It also promotes security and safety within the organization for both workers and visitors, unit members are trained in a manner that ensures that the various business rules and professional conduct required by the Authority are not violated by adhering to our stringent operating regulations, they are in contact with the operations center and follow-up

Accompaniment and protection of personalities

Providing escort and protection services for dignitaries, whether local or foreign, resident, artists, and official technical, sports and tourist delegations, whether they are collectively or individually in a way that guarantees complete confidentiality and maintenance of schedules, ease of movement and not to disturb and exposure to various types of risks, sabotage of property and place of residence, and our team will ensure insurance Transfers to and from any local point, and will assist in receiving and managing visitor vehicles and their companions

Transfer of funds and precious metals

We are well aware that banks operating in Palestine and money exchange companies and remittances are in urgent need of this service, as we provide them very professionally, as we receive requests for the transfer of money and precious metals or valuable holdings from our clients who are registered with us around the clock continuously and what is distinctive in this service is that the customer must register Our data is in principle for us to get acquainted with the nature of his work and his goals and from the responsible person and the security situation of the customer if he is exposed to risks, and is he really the owner of the parcel, then we do not carry out transportation requests for unidentified and unregistered clients

Operations and Follow-up Center

This unit is managed around the clock from the Operations and Follow-up Center, which implements plans and follows-up procedures on the ground and provides new instructions to individuals on the ground and periodically tracks the quality of tasks in all locations. It operates 24 hours a day by specialized security crews with practical experiences and certified Academy and advanced courses outside Palestine in the field of security and protection. The unit leadership is responsible for preparing plans and service implementation agreements that document all the required service details and any special goals expressed by clients to deal with each individual case


Al Wahda Street - Near Al Amal Institute for Orphans - Nablus Building - 1st Floor - Gaza - Palestine



phone numbers

1700 22 3322