It is my pleasure to present to you the most sincere greetings and best wishes on the occasion of the new year, and I hope that this good year will bring a lot to you and the Arab and Islamic nations, and it is good for me to address you with everything that is beautiful, especially since you left a clear imprint during the past years and elevated the business development sector to advanced levels and you were the race to fight In the midst of this serious challenge.

The result of your persistent work and your unparalleled insistence on developing and improving the quality of your services continuously is your transformation into a supportive national system, which contributed to achieving stability, even if relatively at the level of the economy and local services sector, which was one of the most prominent manifestations of it creating real job opportunities and qualitative innovation spaces in light of the blockage The horizon before the youth and the accumulation of the unemployment problem, which is the product of the economic crisis in Palestinian society in general and in the Gaza Strip in particular.

Here, I would like to point out that we (as a business community) need a permanent and urgent need to see exceptional work and more realistic and comprehensive strategies to develop our business creatively, creatively and permanently, armed with our young cadres and increase their space of participation in developing business plans and participating in their implementation.

The partnership with Mersal achieved a lot for us, and we are sure that the sustainability of that partnership would not have been and continues without deep faith in it and its ability to find new workspaces that allow the development of business in light of this stagnation, so achieving success in conditions of extreme cruelty is a success in itself, and our accreditation The participant in developing our services, marketing ourselves, and making room for more youthful potentials will undoubtedly enable us to continue to achieve growth and meet challenges together.

We wish to send you more progress, success, excellence, and uniqueness, and every year you all are well

Samir Abdul Razzaq Mutair

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Electricity Distribution Company